Creative website and content development


Building websites is our core business, and in 2017 we recommend a 100% mobile-first approach. A good user experience on all types of screens and devices is key, and needs careful design and development. We can also help you bring your existing site up to date with bespoke features, a fresh design or new high quality content.

We write all sorts of content for all sorts of contexts – reviews, descriptions, marketing copy, social media and blogs. Communication is crucial for all businesses, and by combining existing copy and original text, effective web narratives and messages are created. We also create and source high-quality graphics, photography and illustrations.

Experience gives us the edge when it comes to knowing what works and what doesn’t. To help create a successful business website, we offer advice and ideas, technical solutions to real-world issues, and tools and techniques in terms of content, customer experience and developing trends.

We can either arrange managed hosting or work with providers to ensure a stable and optimum web environment. By defining the ideal technology for your site, shop, database or blog, the best possible experience for your users is ensured. We’re great at site migrations too, and can improve performance while bringing your site up to date.

Integrating Google Analytics means a site’s web stats are captured, but raw data is just the starting point. By selecting, reporting and interpreting, this becomes a powerful tool for marketing and strategy, and ultimately puts you ahead of the game. Our realistic and practical knowledge of SEO can also help improve those Google rankings.


Mutation Agency

Launched in 2016, Mutation is a Paris based branding agency. For the launch of this cutting-edge startup, we developed their existing branding and original designs to create a fully mobile-responsive site reflecting their very individual approach.

Resense Spas

For this Swiss client with spas in prestigious hotels worldwide, we carefully developed their corporate style to create an informative and unique site. Our customised pages allow them to add and update company information, and we have successfully supported and maintained the site over the years.

The Hope Mousehole

Mousehole epitomises all things Cornish, and the Hope is the perfect chic country getaway. The gorgeous photos set the standard, and we worked closely with the owners to get the feeling just right. A beautiful place, an idyllic setting and a rather lovely website, even if we say so ourselves.

Magnum Endowment Fund

Magnum Photos is one of the most influential chroniclers of the modern world. Based in the Paris office, La Fondation Magnum seeks to preserve and disseminate images of global humanity. Our English-language site aims to clearly communicate their philosophy and iconic photography.

Melisa Teo

A unique creative force, Melisa Teo is a Singapore-based photographer whose subjects and philosophy are truly global. The images had to shine through, so our clean and unobtrusive design doesn’t detract from their impact, on any device. We continue to manage Melisa’s site and showcase her innovative work.

Seven Days in Myanmar

This project was carefully co-ordinated with the world-class photographers who gathered in Myanmar. Their mission – to explore and document the country through their lenses, within 7 days. Our mission – to create a website to reflect their work and to publish their updates through blogs, social media and photos.

Original O’s

This was no ordinary client, so it would not be an ordinary website. We used illustration, video and animation to create a memorable and quirky experience, just like the O’s themselves. The site shows you don’t have to stick to the rules, and that design and attitude can be truly original.

My Dream Resort

Based in Luang Prabang, Laos, this really is a dream resort, combining tradition with luxury and excellent customer service. It’s a site where the story needs to be told simply, letting the quality of the hotel shine through, and we help it effectively reach and attract a global audience.

Ziggurat Brands

Our relationship with this London-based branding agency brought out the best in terms of design, detail and style. We enabled them to easily add new content to the site, and created a great showcase for their work. Their award-winning packaging designs inspired us to develop great websites for their clients, too.

Delivering contemporary design, great content and effective code to clients in many different industries.
Fergus Day
team leader, project management
Team leader and project manager. The first point of contact, translating clients’ needs into technical and design solutions.
Jay Prakash Pandey
development, code
Web and mobile application development. Ruby on Rails, Java,, PHP, WordPress, JQuery, Bootstrap, Android, MySQL, SQL Server. A wealth of experience and always ready for a challenge.
Martin Dunford
writing, consulting
Content development, UX and writing. Digital interpreter. Knows what works and what doesn’t on a website.
Rachel Baron
editing, strategy
Business advice and text editing. Equally able to create a successful business strategy or paragraph.
Rowan Barnes-Murphy
design, illustration
Illustration and design. Comfortable with both pen/paper and trackpad/screen.
Simon Smith
code, design
Code, visual design, CSS, Javascript, JQuery, HTML 5, PHP, MySQL, LAMP & WordPress. An eye for detail and quality code on every project.

We’re creatives, coders and designers. With a broad range of industry experience across media and technology, we are excited to work together and to deliver innovative solutions to innovative clients in many different industries.
We are freelancers who have previously collaborated over many years and have developed solid, long-lasting working relationships.
Fergus has produced, developed, and managed digital content for over 15 years, initially for publishers Dorling Kindersley and Rough Guides, where he project-managed their content websites and helped develop their digital workflow strategy. He also managed their e-book and app production. Since then, as a freelancer Fergus has managed, produced and consulted on numerous web, database and content projects in various different parts of the world.
Project manager, producer, consultant, editor, writer. WordPress, UX, XML, structured content, database design, writing, editing.
Jay has over 13 years’ experience in web and mobile application development, and has worked on everything from websites to e-books, and app development to database integration. He was Senior Technical Manager in the Delhi division of the Pearson Group, managing a team of developers, and was at the forefront of the company’s digital content strategy development. He brings innovation and a wealth of experience to the technical aspects of a project.
Ruby on Rails,, PHP, WordPress, JQuery, Bootstrap, Android, Java, MySQL, SQL Server, AWS, Cloud Computing, SAAS.
Martin is one of the founders of the international travel guide series Rough Guides, and has worked in travel publishing for more than three decades. He was the publisher at Rough Guides for many years, before going on to found the UK travel and accommodation website Cool Places, which features over 10,000 places to stay and things to do closer to home.
Writer, publisher, producer, digital content specialist, investor, entrepreneur.
Experienced in many fields of content, strategy and business development, Rachel has advised many small businesses worldwide, and currently writes and edits content on all manner of subjects. She is a published academic and taught at Exeter University for many years.
Writer, business advisor, editor, strategist.
Rowan is a professional freelancer with an international client base, including the New York Times, Punch, Mercedes-Benz and Sony. He loves drawing eccentric characters, human and animal, and beautiful buildings, and develops animations and illustrations for websites. Rowan’s prints and originals are in constant demand from clients and in galleries.
Illustrator, designer, animator, author, artist.
Currently focused on WordPress theme development and customisation, Simon is equally involved with code and visual design. He is proficient at implementing Google Analytics and creating custom reporting. Previously he has worked in a variety of industries including media, software development and non-profits. Simon also freelances as a stock photographer.
CSS, Javascript, JQuery integration, HTML 5, PHP, MySQL. LAMP and WordPress environments for domain and website hosting. Swift iOS development, Photoshop, Lightroom, data conversions.

Analysis & Design
A project starts by finding out as much as possible about the needs, aims and outcomes from the client’s perspective. Drawing on our experience, we then suggest possibilities and approaches. A detailed specification, a schedule and a wireframe to map out the structure are then developed and agreed.
User experience, client content, appropriate design and technical best practice are all considered in the website build. Custom tools and road-tested techniques make sure what we create is efficient, attractive and effective. Our iterative processes allow for ongoing review and flexibility, and our clients are kept informed and their feedback welcomed.
Ongoing support
Keeping our sites secure, stable and current is essential, so ongoing support and maintenance is a given. Your sites are safe in our hands. Analysing visitor data and traffic also provides us with the data to improve and enhance sites over time, ensuring they are as effective as possible throughout their lives.